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Knitter’s ADD

July 12, 2010

Confessional:  I’m a chronic non-finisher.  There.  I’ve said it.  I start projects and I don’t finish them.  It’s sad, really.  All these beautiful yarns worked into partial sweaters or what-have-you all screaming “DUSTY!  Knit me!”  to deaf ears blocked with Knitter’s ADD (KADD).  It’s a real condition, you know… Knitter’s ADD.  Just ask anyone… It’s as real as the sweater curse!

So, I had lofty goals of completing this wonderful sweater from Lion Brand Yarns.

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 Oh, yes… Beautiful sweater… Beautiful effing sweater that I started last Autumn.  That’s right, last Autumn.  Here’s my progress:

 Now the next confession:  That picture was taken in January and that’s exactly how it still looks.  Also, if you notice, the pattern is different from the Lion Brand Pattern.  That’s because I couldn’t hack the side panels and decided to rewrite the pattern with my own cable combination.  At least it looks good…  But, in my defense, I did give up knitting for Lent.  That helps my case a bit, don’t-cha think?

I’m working it in Lion Brand Yarns Fisherman’s Wool in Oatmeal.

As if you needed any further proof of my KADD, here’s my other sweater plans:



But, of course I couldn’t just knit the damn pattern… No.  Of course not.  I decided that I didn’t like the bobbles because they sort of look like a landing strip headed straight for her ootie (Yes, I do call it an ootie).  I also decided to update it to work it bottom up on circular needles instead of working it as separate pieces.  I figured since I’m too cheap for Alpaca, I’d be ok with doing that. 

So, I created a neat cable pattern by combining a couple cables but it proved too bulky for the sweater so I unraveled and started again using the main panel in the first sweater. and I decided I didn’t like that either and just wanted to knit it plain… So, what’s my status you ask?  Well… My sweater is currently a pair of empty circular needles and some skeins of yarn.


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