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Summer Knitting

July 12, 2010

My summer project list this year consists of knitting Christmas stockings for the ‘tives.

The problem with this project is that I’m an idiot and can’t knit in a round without leaving my project looking like something my two year old munchkin colored just before naptime.  So…. I’ve improvised a felting pattern that is knit in rows and seamed up the back.  I figure that’ll do just fine since no one has to wear the buggers.

Truth be told… I can’t believe I’m actually going to show pictures of these because they are poor examples of my knitting but hey, whatever.  They are all in dire need of blocking but here’s my damage:

My Stocking

 The cuff is made with Sensations Beautiful yarn and the body is 100% wool.  I think it’s another Sensations… (Can you tell I like Jo-Ann’s?)

The DH's stocking

 EGADS!  This one needs some serious blocking to look normal.  It’s done in Red Heart acrylic and fake fur.  The DH is a rustic soul like me and he loves all things hunting & Pre 1840’s so this seemed to fit him. 

The F-I-L's stocking

 My F-I-L is an avid hunter and once asked if I could knit him something that looked cammo.  Little did he know, they make yarn in cammo!

 I’m going to take the munchkin to Jo-Ann’s and let her pick whatever yarn makes her happy and that’s what I’ll knit her stocking with.  It’s a day’s worth of work so when she outgrows it, I’ll make her a new one.  Who knows… maybe I’ll have figured out knitting in the round by then…

UPDATE: 7/14/10

OH!  OH!  OH!  BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! {What?  I’ve been watching Harry Potter again… And can I just say that I love it when Hagrid comes back from Azkaban?  Well I do.} Anyhoo, on with the brilliance:  Knitting in the round w/ two circular needles.  God bless the creative soul that knew there are ungraceful knitters that can’t manage more than two needles at a time.

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