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Red’s Cowl Pattern

July 14, 2010

I don’t have a name for the cowl but I don’t just want to call it a cowl.  A lovely lady at work likes to call me Red {my hair used to be red} and I thought why not give it a stupid name… so, “Red’s Cowl” it is.  {Clarification:  I don’t think Red is a stupid name, I kinda like it but anything with the word “Cowl” in it, is going to sound stupid.}



  • Size 15 knitting needles {betcha never thought you’d find a use for those puppies, huh?}
  • 1 ball/skein of homespun, chunky or boucle yarn
  • 2 buttons of choice (the bigger the better)

Loosely CO 19

Odd Rows: K4, YO, K2tog, K3, YO, K2tog, K3, YO, K2tog, K3

Even Rows: Purl across

Knit to desired length ending on a purl row

Last Knit Row: *K2tog, YO, SSK, YO, (button hole created)*, Continue in set pattern until the last YO, *YO, SSK, YO, K2tog*

Last Purl Row:  Bind off purlwise.

Weave in tails and fold the cowl together as shown below to gauge button placement. 

Sew buttons in place. 

Wear or give proudly.


There it be.  I’m no pattern writer, so good luck to you.  I’ll welcome any comments and revisions to the pattern.






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