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Summer Time and Spontaneous Knitting

July 19, 2010

Images conjured by the words ‘Summer Time’ consist of county fairs, homegrown fruits and veggies, sunscreen, bugs, humidity, and long, wonderful days, and well… of course…. KNITTING!  This weekend, I got a bit of all of those.

County Fair: Check

The poor kid was used by the politicos for propaganda display…

Homegrown fruit and veggies:  Check



Spontaneous Knitting:  Check

I was bored with all of my current knitting projects and I’ve been dying to use this yarn. (Sensations Brushed Acrylic) so, I used the lace pattern from my Butter Scarf and doubled it intending to make a wrap but I decided I didn’t like the color enough for a full wrap so after one pattern set, I finished up the edging and bound off making yet another cowl!  I’m calling this Lime Sorbet and I’ll use one of my cameo brooches to close it up. 

I have to block it still but I’m pretty excited for the end results… even though there’s a GLARING mistake in it but I figure I’ll just make sure that end is on the bottom of the pin.

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