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Just Like the Pros

July 21, 2010

I’m very obviously not a pro.  Novice, yes.  Pro, no.  But I have a very simple pattern for a home decor piece that I’m working on creating and I figured, why not be secretive like the real Knit Designers?  Just for the sake of being a knittiot (Knit Idiot).  Plus, it makes me feel like I’m a better knitter than I am… You’ll all be so dissapointed by the time I post what the heck I’m doing but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since I’m keeping it on the DL {Or as mom once mistakenly said:  “The QT”}, there’s not much for me to blog about today except for this:


Knitting Chart Maker by Jacquie

Oh.  And I’ve added a new glossary page, since I like to make up words that don’t really exist, to aid those that actually care what I’m jabbering about.  HERE it is.

Oh.  (And then… No ‘and then’.  and theeeeen?)  {I knew I’d find more to blog about… and if you don’t get the ‘and then’ thing… well, good for you.  It means you haven’t seen the worlds worst movie.} Is it just me or does anyone else notice that most knitters on the blogs are cat people?  Are there any other knitters that love dogs besides me and my beautiful sister Vanessa?  What gives knitadees?

Speaking of Vanessa {there’s always more to say, isn’t there?}; Here’s a picture of her wearing last year’s Christmas present from me.


Purdy, ain’t she?

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