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A Weekend In Pictures

July 26, 2010

I finally got to see Eclipse.  My mom came out to watch the munchkin and off we went to the cinema.  As we’re sitting in our seats munching popcorn while enduring thirty minutes (no joke… thirty minutes) of previews, my handsome DH looks over at me and says, “What are we seeing again?”  Yeah… So maybe he isn’t as big of a fan as I am… 

This was a bad, very bad, weekend for knitting.  It was one of those weekends that consisted of charting, swatching, ripping, consulting the books, re-charting, swatching, ripping, re-charting… well, you get the idea.  Nothing seemed to quite work up the way I envisioned and I’m certain that there isn’t a page in these books that didn’t see my fingerprints this weekend… 



My lack of successful knitting was made up for with a sewing project that the li’l babe helped me out with.  I managed the material while she slam-jammed the pedal to the floor.  

We turned these: 

  Into this:  





Yes, that is a new knitting bag… as if the five I already have weren’t enough but hey, mama wants a new knitting bag… mama makes a new knitting bag…  (Ok, stop gagging…. that was a joke.) 

I’d give you a step by step but quite frankly, I’m not really sure I could remember it since I just winged it.  All I did was cut a pattern out of newspaper for the basic shape I wanted and made sure all right sides were going to show properly. 

So, out come the singers, and a mess ensues:











So that’s that.  Saturday night we had a summer thunderstorm roll in: 




{Don’t blame me for the picture placement… I’m a technotard.  I’m just glad to get the images on here.} 

Leaving in its wake, the most beautiful sunset: 


And this: 


Then there was some gooseberry de-stemming to do: 


{My pics are getting a little better, ‘eh?} {Update 7/28:  I think I subconsciously wanted to sound Canadian… Most of the knit bloggers I read seem to be from Toronto… Those Canadians are some master knitters, I tell ya.}

But all was not lost for knitting… I did a little mindless In-The-Round work on my sweater {Yeah, it’s a little more than empty needles now…} 







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