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Possible Bag

July 27, 2010

What does one need in a possible bag?  Everything possible of course!  Here’s what mine looks like:


Yep, that’s a Mary Kay cosmetics bag.  It’s PERFECT because it has those six little pockets on the sides that are perfect for keeping it from becoming a mangled mess that attacks my hand when I reach in for a stitch holder or cable needle.  And yeah, that’s a Duracel Battery shaped screwdriver… Don’t ask because I don’t know… I’ve always carried it even before I became a snobby knitter.

Alright, I know that everyone else in the known universe calls them a notions bag but I prefer calling it a possible bag.  It comes from the fur trade era (Pre 1840’s) and it’s called that because it carried anything a mountain man could possibly need on a hunt and since it carries anything I could possibly need for knitting, it feels apropos.

Here’s what a real possible bag looks like:

Can you imagine filling THAT with knitting goodies?  Oh the joy that would be.

The bag above, along with many other styles, can be purchased here (Click either image for a direct link):

I just love Crazy Crow Trading Post.  You can also find them on FACEBOOK.  If you’re a beader, you can’t find a better deal on seed and pony beads… {Just sayin’… And I’m not even affilliated with CCTP!}

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