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Bubo Sweater (No, not like the plague)

July 28, 2010

I’ve mentioned this sweater before (HERE and HERE) and I’ve finally decided how I’m going to go with the sweater and all I will say is this:  I’ve most assuredly decided against plain…  But, all will be revealed in due time, my pretty…  [insert evil witchy cackle here]

Now comes the confession…

I decided to pick this project up on a whim using old, old, old yarn that I don’t know where I got, what it is or if I will ever be able to find anymore.  It was actually my second crochet project {yet another unfinished project} from five or so years ago.

The problem with that lies in the fact that I don’t know if I have enough yarn to complete this…  Stupid?  Yes.  Will I stop knitting?  No.  {I’d comment about how that takes the stupid factor and hurtles it  into downright ludicrousity* but that would just start me on a vicious self-deprecating circle that will never end because I’m going to keep knitting it…}

I had a portion of a skein already balled up that was yet unused in the long forgotten crochet project and I’ve already nearly used it up so I’m now ripping the crochet project to reuse the yarn {no one can say I’m not green} And thanks to finally learning to use my nostepinne, [INSTRUCTIONS] I’m making center pull balls that aren’t tighter in the center than being between a rock and a hard place…  {When ever I think the word ‘nostepinne’, I say it in my head as if I were Lidia Bastianich visiting with family in the homeland…  Should I have just admitted that?  Perhaps not.}


That’s the old lapghan in the background.  Those crochet projects get heavy, lemme tell ya…  I think I read somewhere once that one crochet stitch uses two to three times more yarn than one knit stitch…  YIKES!

And there’s the ‘ol nostepinne from an antique store {I doubt it’s actually an antique.}  Yeah, I know you’re probably wondering why I don’t just suck it up and buy a ball winder but I figure that using the crank to wind the ball is no less effort than wrapping it around the ‘pinne.  The only difference is that the ball looks hand wound and not nice and neat.  If I were going to sell some handspun yarn, then yeah… I’d probably break down and buy one but this is purely about function and nothing more at this point.


* Yes, I did just make up the word ‘ludicrousity’. 

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