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Enough? Never.

July 29, 2010

I have a bit of affection in my heart for bags that can be used to hold my fiber treasures.  Ok, so I just really like bags in general but the whole ‘fiber treasures’ comment sounded good and made me feel like I have a valid reason for having so many of the damn things.

Here’s the six I use most:



L to R:  1) My Barbara Bretton bag that she sent me from a giveaway on Romancing the Yarn along with that scrumptious hank of yarn you see there peeking over the top of bag 4 (more on that later).    

2) That’s my bag that I shamelessly stole from my mom that was given to her by one of the gals that works at the Jane Goodall Institute.  It zips, which I love.

3) An elephant bag my mom gave me.  I collect anything with elephants…  It also zips.  You can barely see it because its hiding.

4) My most frequently used knitting bag gifted by the ever beautiful Vanessa.

5) My canvas tote that has my name embroidered on it.  I also had one made one for my Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor and filled them with goodies for them.

There we are at my bridal shower in 2004.  L to R: V, moi, & D.

6) The new jean one I just made last weekend. 

Yes… they each have some sort of unfinished project inside like a baby chick waiting to be hatched.

And now on to the hank of yarn that I’m hankerin’ to knit… {Damn, I’m a dork.}

Ok, now that I’ve recovered from my sudden attack of dorkism, I’m ready to talk about the yarn.  Oh the yarn.  I’ve had it for months.  Probably nearly a year now.  You can find this yarn, Shadow Heather Lace, at KNIT PICKS.  I was beyond elated to find, when the package arrived that the hank she sent was my all time favorite color!  [SCORE!] 

Anyhoo, I need some help on WHAT to knit with it.  I’ve been holding out because I knew when I got it that I wanted to knit something lacey and awesome but now that I can manage knitting lace, I can’t seem to find the right pattern. 

I’ve been considering a cowoolah but then I think nah, it needs to be something awesome, not ordinary.  But what to knit?  What to knit, indeed. 

Quite the conundrum.

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