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Murphy’s La… OOH! LOOK! A PUPPY!

August 4, 2010

Last week and this week have been a prime example of Murphy’s Law working full force in my life.  It has brought me forgotten sweaters, earrings, rings, shoes {yes, I really forgot my shoes one day.} lunches, friends at work that quit, blah blah blah… and blah some more!

Enough already Edward!  (Edward Murphy, lest ye be tunnel visioned to the Cullens…)  You can take your epigram and stick it where the sun don’t work…  {I warned you on Monday that I was cranky and today… It’s a bit more than that I think…}

All this havoc that ‘ol Murphy has been wreaking has been counter productive to knitting.  I’m feeling some withdrawal settling in as knitting a round or two on Bubo here and there just doesn’t satiate the need. 

Now for my next puppy:  Moknittomy or Polknittomy… that is the question.  I’m a Polknittomist to the nth degree which I attribute to my “KADD” condition.  But, what I really think I want to try {Brace yourselves} is some good old-fashioned moknittomy.  Can an unrepentant polknittomist become a moknittomist? {Boy, my glossary page is gettin’ an update today….} Well, I’m sure gonna give it the ‘ol college try.  Keep your fingers crossed, Knitties.

More on this later.

Now for the confession:  I’m a topic jumper when I talk.  In epic proportions.  It’s really unfortunate as it gives an air of ditziness and idiocy but, it is what it is and it ain’t no more than that.  That’s where the ‘OOH!  LOOK!  A PUPPY!’ comes in…  It’s actually from a joke about people with ADD {How many people with ADD did it take to change a light bulb?  OOH!  LOOK!  A PUPPY!}  Terrible, I know but  I didn’t make it up… Any hoo… Now when I’m ready to make a topic jump I say that it’s my new puppy… get it? 

Moving on:  I could feel the topic jumping building before I even opened “new Knit Life post” so, there it be… in all its idiotic non-glory.

Over and out.


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