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Early Morning Knitting

August 6, 2010

There’s something intangibly comforting about knitting before the sun has ventured to send a ray to break the night.  The house is quiet and calm in a way vastly different in the pre-dawn hours than it is during the sleepless witching hours.  There’s a serenity that these hours hold that is only seconded by that of the hour of the setting sun. 

I almost feel guilty admitting that knitting in the morning darkness outranks the evening because the sunset hours are my favorite time of day.  I love the burnished orange glow that drapes in the windows, gilding the room with cozy luminosity.

I haven’t been feeling facetious lately, though I’m sure that goes without saying.  But whatever my mindset may be, it certainly lended itself to knitting productivity last night and of course, during the pre-dawn hours of this morning.  I think it was having that hour before the house came alive with the buzz of lights and T.V. and filled with sunlight that eased me into my day, leaving me feeling more relaxed than I have all week.

I {re}started West Beach Shrug last night while I was working on dinner {yeah, I actually cooked and no, people in Hell did not get ice water last night…} **There’s that facetiousness.**  and if I do say so myself…I made some good progress.  This is the product of about an hour and a half of contact time.


The work is rolled up around the ball of yarn to protect it in my bag.

I do so love this yarn… 

And finally, Here’s a funny I read recently on Ravelry:  Red Heart is the slut of all yarns.  Everyone has used it but no one wants to admit it.

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