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Knit Happens

August 10, 2010

This is a week of ripping projects.  Ok, so I’m really only ripping one project but I should be ripping two. 

1)  The West Beach Shrug:  I was nearly finished with the back and could have had it blocking on Sunday night but once I had the armholes {Just have to share that the spelling suggestion for armholes on here was a**holes} shaped and saw that what I had feared was in fact reality.  The sweater was huge!  I mean, I couldn’t even wear it let alone tiny little Denise!

There she be…  That’s about four hours of work that now exists as partially balled yarn.  I’d much rather rip now and start over in a smaller size than finish and she winds up using it as a pup tent though.

2) Bubo Sweater: So I finished the increase rounds and got to the part in my pattern for the armhole shaping {noticing a trend here?} and held the sweater up to me and all I can say is that I missed something.   Turns out it was the rounds between the decrease and increase rounds. 

Now, what I SHOULD have done at this point was rip it down to the mistake and work it back up.  Of course, that’s not what I did because that would be too logical.  My only defense is that I’d discovered just an hour or so before that I was going to have to rip out WBS and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing any more hours to the dreaded rip.  What I did instead was just work it in the round to get it to the length it needed to be.  We’ll see how well this turns out.  I may just wind up ripping more than I would have in the first place.


The picture above was taken just before I turned all knitiot and started increasing too soon.

And, at long last, here’s what’s up with the styrohead.  {I’m sure you’ve all been on pins and needles.}

Introducing Page

That’s a masking tape mannequin stuffed with newspaper and decoupaged with brown craft paper {the red lips are for Kiela who is freaked out by faceless heads} I named it Page because it’s short for decouPAGE.  Clever, right?  Ok.  Fine.  Whatever.

The DH said she needs a wig and I think he’s right.  It’s just a little too ‘Mummy’ right now so I’ll probably pick up a cheap one at Halloween.

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