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Flashlight Knitting

August 23, 2010

Picture this:  It’s Friday night and storms are raging, plundering the lands.  The power has long since been lost but in the window of a country house, burns a small light.  It’s the light of a flashlight pointed to the ceiling, casting just enough glow to allow the occupant to continue knitting into the wee hours of dawn… 

This was me Friday night.  Up well into the night during a power outage, knitting.  The following morning, the hubster said “You need help.”  But, thanks to my perseverance I now have a gift for my sister’s birthday.  

I introduce to you, The Waverly Shrug. 

Photo by: Deanna Hartsock

Photo by: Deanna Hartsock

Photo by: Deanna Hartsock

This is my own design.  I’m working on getting it written up and posted to Ravelry.  

In other crafting news

The first time I wore this shirt home from work, the munchkin ran to me with pure excitement on her face and said, “Nice Shuht (shirt) Mommy!  I yike (like) it!!”  




Once I’d recovered from laughing at how adorable she was, I promised that I’d make a dress out of it for her.  And so, after a little bit of monkey business and shenanigans, well… 


Houston, we have a dress. 



There was, of course, much merry making: 


Followed by a bit of light reading: 



Followed by being flipped off by the dog for taking her picture:  She thinks I’m stealing her soul…  I keep trying to tell her that she isn’t Crazy Horse but she doesn’t get it… 



I make the ‘mascara’ face when knitting from a cable needle. 

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