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September 27, 2010

So, I’m shamelessly working on my secret, stingy knitting project.  I have gifts that MUST – MUST – MUST be finished but here I sit, knitting away selfishly.  The upside:  It’s coming along nicely and is about 60% complete.

But, I have to share that my upcoming new project isn’t creating knitwear…  It’s creating knitters!  There’s a Share Your Talent initiative where I work and I’m going to be teaching classes for the staff and faculty on Knitting 101, Cable Knitting and Lace Knitting!  I’m pleased to say that my Knitting 101 class is completely full and the others are halfway full already!

This is all part of my evil plan for knitters to rule the world.  MWAAA HAAA HAAA <pinky finger goes to mouth, Dr. Evil style>

Over and out.

P.S.  Anyone read the Sookie Stackhouse books?  I just love that Claudine defended herself by stabbing the fairy with her knitting needle.  As I read that part I felt the need to raise my fist in solidarity and yell out “KNITTERS UNITE!!!”  Ok, so not really but I did like that part.  Don’t ask what made me think of this.  I’m random.  That’s how I roll.

Over and out. {for real this time}

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