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Person by Person

October 22, 2010

In life, there are often losses that leave us devastated and forever with a missing piece.  It’s these times that family and friends draw together to mourn and figure out how to move on.  It’s a time to remember, cry, laugh, love and hold on to each other with a veracity that smooths in those loose strings in the ties that bind.

But unfortunately for some, these are the times that the vicious rear their heads and I am never at a loss for shock when this happens.  I don’t consider myself a naive person by any means but the cruelty of mankind, and the cruelty of family to their own always creates a bubble of anger that churns uncomfortably in my stomach. 

I am blessed to say that I have the luxury of falling into the former group with a family that loves, laughs and holds on tight.  There was a time in the past, when I viewed what consisted of my immediate family as a very small group of people but I’ve come to realize that my family is quite large indeed.  I’m bitter-sweetly reminded often of my favorite quote.  It comes from the 2002 movie Nicholas Nickleby

“What happens if too early we lose a parent, that party on whom we rely for only everything?  What did these people do when their families shrank?  They cried their tears but then they did the vital thing.  They built a new family, person by person.  They came to see that family need not be defined merely as those with whom we share blood, but as those for whom we would give our blood.”    

I have my incredible husband that is the love of my life, whom I would give or do anything for,


My daughter that enlarged my heart to the size of Texas with sheer, unbridled love,


I have my mom and my brother and sister, for whom I would go to the moon and back if they needed it,


{Yeah, the red head on the end is me… about 1,000 years ago…}

but one I count among my best of friends and siblings, happens to be my cousin that’s really twice removed and we technically have no blood relation at all… but still, you’ll find her listed as my sister on Facebook!


My mom has this incredible gift of finding lifelong friends wherever she lives and because of her generous ability to love freely, I have a close-knit group of women that I like to call my Second Mothers,


I even have the most amazing In-Law’s a girl could ever hope to be blessed with and whom I absolutely adore.


Some of my family I share blood with, and some of my family I don’t, but they’re mine and I dearly love each and every one of them.  My family was built, person by person and as we enter this season of giving thanks, it is my family that will be foremost in my heart.

So here’s to living, loving, laughing and holding on.

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  1. October 25, 2010 5:46 pm

    This is beautiful.

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