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7 Hanks and a Sock

November 16, 2010

Confession (yes, knitties, it’s been a while since my last):  Noro yarn doesn’t make me freak out and squee with sheer delight.  It’s lovely yarn, but it just doesn’t make me want to join a fan page and gush about how much I love it.  Does that make me a bad knittie?  <sigh> Cest la vie.

In an effort to earn back some knittie points, I’ll share my latest discovery with you.



I recieved a gift card to the LYS for my birthday from my boss (yeah, she’s great…) and while there yesterday, I snagged a 9″ circ and decided on a whim to learn sock knitting.  It’s no secret that DPNs are nearly as terrifying to me as an unexpected glimpse of a Raggedy Ann doll so, I can tell you that these circs did indeed, make me squee with delight.

This is about two hours worth of work and so far, so good.  I’m thinking that since I’ve made the Christmas Stockings (despite the fact that they were knit flat), I will have a leg up on the heel turn.

I’m most excited about learning how to graft to close the toe.  I of course turned to Knitty for instructions!  I think I can hack it.  We shall see though.

These are knit with the same mystery wool that I used to knit the Lace Wimple.

I also picked up seven hanks of Berroco Vintage in Navy for my stash.

I plan to knit Ashley Adams Moncrief’s Lucy Brown sweater with it, minus the flowers.  Though, I suppose that would make this a Lucy Blue, no?  The only place to find the pattern is on Ravelry but it’s a free pattern!  Gotta love those free Moncrief patterns…

And of course, I couldn’t be happier:

The gals at the LYS couldn’t have been happier when I told them they didn’t have to wind the hanks.  They nearly squeed with delight.  They can thank my hubster for that since he got me a ball winder for my birthday.

Final confession (two for one today folks):  I prefer hand knit socks to be plain. 

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  2. VintageDM permalink*
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