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The Cat Diaries

December 10, 2010

I haven’t had a cat since I was ten.  We’ve been talking about adopting a cat for some time now and last night, we added to our family.  Meet Nuli. 

She’s a rescue cat that Santa brought to us to give her a loving forever home! 

We couldn’t be happier.  Even the dog, October is excited!

Now, if I may digress for a moment to the dog:  You may be wondering why you haven’t seen many pictures of her.  Well. There’s a very good answer.  This is the only one I have that isn’t of her skulking away from the camera or cowering in fright in the corner.  She eschews having her picture taken like Crazy Horse.  She acts like I’m stealing her soul. 

Exhibit A:  How pictures of October normally turn out.

Poor dog.

Anyhoo.  In the 12+ hours that I’ve been a cat “owner”, I’ve learned that there are a few key differences between cats and dogs.

1)  Picking up a cat is NOT like picking up a dog.  Rather, it’s much like a slinky.  You pick up the front end and the back end goes “woooooop” to the ground.  I find this interesting.

2) Things that October wouldn’t even sniff at seem to be of great interest to Nuli. 

For example, a stray bobby pin on the floor becomes a fascinating play toy.  I mean, what the heck?  Is she going to swallow it?  Will she choke?  Do I have to child proof the house like I did when the munchkin started crawling?  If you thought that crawling babies could find things you never knew were there, cats can find things you never knew EXISTED.

3)  Toilet paper.  In the seven years that we’ve had October, she’s never so much as glanced at a roll of toilet paper but God forbid we have one off the holder when we bring a cat into the house.  Nuli looked like it was her personal vendetta to shred that roll of toilet paper into oblivion.

4)  The bathtub.  October hates it with a passion.  Nuli thought it was her personal chaise.

However, I suspect that if she knew what came out of that spigot behind her, she’d think she was living with Satan in the seventh circle of Hades.


I saw this shirt a week ago in a catalog  and giggled a little.

(click photo to purchase)

I now suspect it to be the absolute truth.  Oh the prophesy of mail order shirts…  Who knew?

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