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Wheels & Other Stuff

December 13, 2010

If you’ve read my blog from the start, then you’ve already met Eleanor.

She’s my antique, handmade spinning wheel that the hubster picked up for me about a year or so ago.  back story

But please allow me to introduce you to Lillian.  My “new” Ashford Traditional.  I recently acquired this from the wonderful gal that taught me to knit.  She’s had it since the 70s but has only used it a handful of times.

I’m going to be joining the local spinning guild and fortunately for me… the president lives about 10 minutes from me and she’s volunteered to give me the ol’ How To.  I can’t wait.

I had quite the knitterly weekend with much progress.  Unfortunately, I still can’t show much of what I’m working on… but I can tell you this:  The nameless sweater is now only button-less (well, and still nameless).  I’m looking for some 3/4″ buttons.  This indecision is going to get the best of me! 

The Cat Diaries

So, I must confess that I really had my dog pegged wrong.  I fully expected to have to get on to her for chasing, barking and growling.  While there has been some chasing and minimal growling, she’s done quite well.  The cat on the other hand…

Well, here’s some snippets of things that could have been over heard by a fly on the wall in my house this weekend.

  • “No, Nuli.  You may not stand on my throat while I’m sleeping.”
  • “No, Nuli.  You may not eat the bird.”
  • “No, Nuli.  You may not sleep on my face.”
  • “Nuli, that’s Christmas garland, not a toy for you to shred to smithereens.”
  • “No, Nuli, my T-Shirt is not bread dough and you may stop kneading me now because theres skin under there that you’re scraping off with those claws.”

October’s laundry list:

  • “Tob, stop sniffing the cat’s butt.”
  • “Tob, stop sniffing the cat’s butt.”
  • “That’s not a dog treat, October.  That’s cat poop.”
  • “For the love of pete!  Stop sniffing her butt!”
  • “Don’t chase the cat, October.”

I swear, it’s like herding butterflies.

edited because I forgot to run spell check.  As usual. 

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