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Exciting Changes for The Knit Life!

January 4, 2011

A new year brings the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings, and high hopes for a promising future.  Well, The Knit Life is no different!  I’m pleased to share with you the most wonderful new beginning happening here at TKL. 

Me, has become We! 

My friend since birth and friend for life, Vanessa B. is joining The Knit Life!  Vanessa was my inspiration to get off my butt and finally learn to knit.  Her talent led to what ultimately became an addiction for both of us.  We’ve been friends and sisters (from anothuh muthah – heh.) in every stage of life and it is only fitting that we are partnering here now.

Please allow me to introduce to you, my partner in crime, Vanessa B.

 You can find Vanessa on RAVELRY.  This link will also be updated under the FIND US section in the blogroll. 

May the new year bring much knitterly fun for everyone!  I know we’re stoked here at TKL!  (I just love saying “WE”!!)

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