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29 YO Twilight Fan

January 21, 2011

Yeah.   I’m a 29 YO twilight fan.  No, I’m not about to start dressing up like Alice or going to conventions… But one has to admit… Some of the knit-wear (would just like to share that spell check is trying to change knit-wear to knot weed.  WTH?)  featured in the movies have been pretty darn cute! 

I knit a pair of Bella’s Mittens, designed by Marielle Henault and I’m quite pleased with them.  I do plan to knit another pair and play around with the thumb gussets, decreases and finger closings, however.

From the movie:

In other knitterly news:  Have I mentioned that I signed up for two rounds of Pay It Forward 2011 : Handmade?  Well I did.  I’m crafting for 10 people this year…  What the @*&(!) is wrong with me?  Will I be able to do it?  Stick with The Knit Life this year to see if I can pull it off or if I’ll be bald.

My first 2.1 are complete.  I say 2.1 because I ended up making two crafts for TKL’s very own Vanessa B.  None of them were knitting.

I made a Jade necklace and earrings for Christy:

And a DPN case for Vanessa (The second PIF is still a surprise…):

I have one more PIF on needles and a birthday present for someone else also on needles.  I’m giving it a go of limiting my working projects to a select two or three. 

After frogging old projects that I have no intention of finishing, I discovered a few sets of needles that were long forgotten and my stash grew a little bit…  Who said frogging is bad?

There’s my stash, minus about five balls that I found later.  I’d say that it’s a reasonable size stash.  Wouldn’t you?  (“No” answers need not apply…)

The Cat Diaries

The adoption bio for Nuli (the cat we adopted before Christmas) read something like this: 

Absolutely sweet adorable lap cat.  Very loving and purrs a lot.

What they forgot to mention is that she’s also @*^#$ing psychotic.  And “lap cat” is only true at 2:57 am and really, it’s more like “face cat”.  Nuli doesn’t really like us when we’re awake and typically interacts only when we’re sleeping. 

Let one of us take a Saturday afternoon nap, and she’s all over it with the sweetness and purring and that bread dough kneading crap with her claws 1/2 an inch under our skin…  But our eye pops open for a second and she bitch slaps us and jumps down.

We’ve also discovered critical mistake #1.  We didn’t have her declawed.  We wanted her to have her defenses if she were to ever get loose. 


Our poor couches.

I’m beginning to think that those cute cat pictures that come around in email are a lie.  Those bitches were photoshopped. 

And if I may digress back to the claws…  Those cute, furry little paws that playfully bat at one’s feet are really vicious death machines.  It’s like Edward Scissor Hands.  One moment the cat is sleeping all the way on the other side of the room and the next thing you know, she’s a little streak of fur running up your leg and that cute little paw spreads its little furry fingers open and claws poke out like Wolverine.

I’m beginning to understand what men feel like when they say that there’s no understanding a woman.  There’s no understanding a cat.

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  1. January 27, 2011 4:38 pm

    Loving the twilight gloves. I could act like I’m interested in them because my 14 year old niece would like them, but it’s for me, I’m not afraid to admit it. I really like them, we may have to discuss some bartering 🙂 You’re awesome.

  2. February 20, 2011 6:06 am

    your good

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