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Time Flies…

March 7, 2011

March 7th.  How is it already March 7th?  It feels like yesterday since I last posted!

Well.  There’s been some big things goin’ on since my last post!  I’ll go in chronological order.

Some of you may recall when I announced that my husband cut my hair.  (He did a great job too, I might add…)  Well, I went and cut it all off! 

Welcome back short hair.  I’ve missed you. 

If I’m going to be truthful… What I really love is that I can go two days without touching my hair and it still appears socially acceptable. 

V and I had “The Great Knitting Weekend” and it was a blast.  We even threw in time for some antiquing.

I found an old copy of Little Women and a GREAT vintage wool scarf for $6.  SIX BUCKS!  It’s woven but I can totally see an easy fair isle pattern in there for a matching hat… 

Moving right along (and we’re walking – and we’re walking)…

The test knit for Sioux finished up today and it went splendidly!  The pattern is at least a million times better, thanks to the fantastic work of the test knitters in the group, FREEform Pattern Testers on Ravelry.

I’m super excited to say that I’m now knitting a new sample for inclusion into Knit Picks Independent Designer Program!  <HAPPY DANCE!>

(and we’re walking – and we’re walking)  I do kind of feel like I’m giving a museum tour of the latest events…

I came home Friday night to 12 new additions to our household…

Yeah, that’s right.  Chickens.  Chickens peck.  I do not like chickens. 

This last weekend was the celebration of the munchkin’s third birthday. 

Of course V and I can’t go more than a few hours without having some knitting going on!

I got some spinning in too!

The hubster got in some picking…

And V looked as beautiful as always.

That’s all there is.  There isn’t any more.

*** ***

And then?

No ‘and then’.

And theeeen.


(It’s completely pathetic that what I take away from my generation’s movies comes from “Dude Where’s My Car”.)

Over and out.

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