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Fabulously Free: Lace

March 15, 2011

I was inspired recently while reading French Press Knits’ new column, Ravelry Roundup, where she showcases some of her favorite new patterns.  I thought, ‘HEY!  We could showcase our favorite FREE patterns from Ravlery!’

So, that’s just what we aim to do.  We’re going to showcase a specific theme per month and this month, it’s lace!  (I promise, NO DOILIES!)

Click the pictures to be linked to the Ravelry page.

Dancing Cranes Stole

Branching Out

(My only suggestion to make this better for those of us with “Symetry OCD”:  Knit in two sections and graft in the middle.)

Lace Top

Lace Tunic

(Doesn’t this sweater just OOOZE romance?!)

Lace Stockings


Baby Christening Gown


Lace, done right, is feminine but also powerful in the confidence it exudes.  It can be elegant or simple.  It can scream I’M BOLD! or be demure, depending on how it is worn.  Lace has a multi-faceted functionality as it can be dressed up or down, worn with jeans or formal gowns. 

(Can you tell that I’m a lace fan?)

I hope you enjoy these great finds as much as I do and maybe they might even make their way into your favorites or queue on Ravelry!  Stay tuned through the month of March for more of our favorite, FREE lace patterns! 

You can also tell us what you want to see in April!  Sweaters?  Hats?  A certain technique like cables or colorwork?  Let us know!

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