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Fab & Free: Acrylic

April 7, 2011

<shuffle, scrape, bang, shuffle, steps>  Ok.  Now that I’m back on my soap box about cheap yarn, I’d like to bring to you some of my favorite FREE knitting patterns from Ravelry that call for acrylic yarn.

When I went out to search patterns, I narrowed it down to those that are knitted with a photo, free and calls for acrylic yarn.  Here’s what made me happy: there were 7,108 options.  But, I really wanted to focus on independent designers that that had nothing vested into the yarn they suggested so I narrowed the choices down a bit further and eliminated patterns from yarn companies and pulled up only Ravelry Designers.

Want to know how many options were left?  3,890.  That’s right.  55% of the patterns calling for acrylic yarn were from independent designers offering a free pattern.  Guess I’m not the only one that likes knitting with “plastic”.

(I’m now curious to see the percentage of all patterns… I may report back on that on facebook.)

Without further adieu, I present the first installment of Fab & Free:  Acrylic (Click the pictures to be linked to Ravelry patterns)

A Very Braidy Cowl

You may recall that I was gifted A Very Braidy Cowl by TKL’s VLB for my birthday!

Basic Black

Remnant Stripe Cardigan

Men’s Sleek Toque


It just wouldn’t be spring without some…

 Cherry Pie

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