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Damn Slacker

May 5, 2011

That’s me.  I’m a damn slacker.  I haven’t posted anything in WEEKS!  EGADS!

In my defense, I’ve spent the last three plus weeks being under the weather.  I came down at first with an awful spring-time cold that morphed into allergies that just won’t effing quit.  I spent a good two days at home curled up on the couch with a few items to soothe me…

But before I became a whiney, snively PITA, I got started on my Red Heart Challenge

I decided on a top down raglan and decided (stupidly) to just wing it.  Winging it usually results well for me but the key with winging is proper measurements.  It could make or break your garment.  (Hello captain obvious)  If you measure a quarter inch off from the right spot… It could ruin all hard work you put in.

And that’s precisely what I did.  I measured a tad low for the neck and and it ruined the whole damn sweater.

It doesn’t look terrible to the untrained eye, but what was supposed to be a top down – shawl collar – raglan turned into something I wouldn’t put on the dog.  That’s alright though, because after I’d gotten started I found myself wishing I’d knitted the Chiton Pullover instead.  Now I can frog this, this, thing and start on the Chiton.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my spinning.  I can’t remember if I’ve shared any pictures of any of my spinning so here’s a little rundown of my few bits of yarn I’ve created.

My first yarn EVER!

Second attempt at spinning:



My next attempt (with MUCH shorter fibers).  I’m having a BIG learning curve with this fiber.

This was my first time spinning with the shorter, white fiber.  I also tried my hand at painting the fibers with food color.

And yes… I’ll actually use it, even though it’s my practice yarn.

My next attempt went smoother, but not great.

And yes, that’s a peek of my next dying attempt.  I only have blue and yellow food color at home, so I’m fairly limited with my color options at the moment…

I’m not a great spinner, but I’m quite pleased with my progress.

My hubby gave me an early Mother’s Day present and gifted me with this:

I suspect that this book is going to teach me more than paying for spinning lessons!  I’ve been reading snippets since last night and I can’t wait to really delve into this book.  Click the image to purchase it from Knit Picks!

*edited to say: I wish I could wear leather and look like Kate Beckinsdale.  Not that I would, but just knowing that I COULD, would be something.  BTW:  The movies sucked but I totally think Selene could kick Lara Croft’s ass any day. (Plus, I’m a little bit Team Aniston…)

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