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Quilt of Belonging

May 23, 2011

Once upon a time, in a land (and time) quite near, two sisters connected by love (but not by blood) doted on their family to each other.  You see, the most amazing thing happens when people choose their family to love…  A patchwork family is pieced together with stitches stronger than steel. 

It’s no secret how much I ardently love my patchwork family (and the sister that so brilliantly coined the phrase “patchwork family”, V!).  It’s also no secret that I love knitting…  I have been working on a knitted 9-square “quilt” (knitted afghan and from now on called my Kuilt), and when V commented that we have a patchwork family, my light bulb lit up!  I instantly decided to include a block per row on my kuilt that represents my beautiful family!

I’ve had some fun deciding how to represent my family and the first row is now complete and I’m nearly two blocks into my second row.  The first family block, represents Jesus at the head of our family, and will be followed on the next row by my husband’s block, and so on and so forth…

Now all I want to know is… Who wants to weave these tails in for me?

I’ve decided to make it six blocks wide instead of five and I’m going to move the cross block out one, with a solid 9-square beside it.  I think the over all look will be much prettier in the end.

So, where do I get the name, Quilt of Belonging?  I was watching one of the quilting shows on PBS a couple of weekends back (yeah… I’m a 29 year old that ENJOYS watching sewing on PBS.) and they were showing the AMAZING Quilt of Belonging (Like it on facebook!).  I was, of course, in awe of this quilt and all that it stood for.  And then I thought: That’s what I’m doing, in a way.  I’m making my own Quilt of Belonging because these are the people that I belong to – the people that belong to me.

And so my patchwork family that has long kept me warm and loved on the inside, will soon be keeping me warm on the outside with my own Kuilt of Belonging.

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