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The Truth

May 31, 2011

Confession:  I sometimes make mountains out of mole hills, albeit few and far between.  It’s true.  And my Chippewa pattern is among my mountains.  I finished the adult sample and then went to knit the child sample and realized that I didn’t have the right size DPNs.  Seriously. 

Now, the logical thing would be to drive my little (somewhat big) butt over to Jo-Ann’s on my lunch break, pick up a package of DPNs for a few dollars, go home and cast on.

<snort>  Logical.  Let’s just say that word isn’t exactly synonymous with me.

What I did was this:  I got sick and used it as an excuse to put it off.  I was feeling somewhat stressed and truth be told:  I probably released it for testing a little too soon and I was feeling a little embarrassed at sending the version I did to the testers.  They didn’t complain, of course.  They were wonderful as usual and their feed back was invaluable.  And,  as these things go, I let my procrastination drag on until I had little bursts of anxiety every time I looked at the yarn sitting on the buffet. 

Side note:  I am so honored that the author of the Sugar Maple series (and countless other titles!), Barbara Bretton was one of my fantastic test knitters!  She was candid that she hadn’t worked stranded knitting before but she whipped out a test knit like she’d been doing it since the womb!  Check out her Romancing the Yarn blog article about Chippewa HERE!  And be on the lookout this December for Book #4 in the Sugar Maple series, SPELLS & STITCHES!

I just needed to tweak the pattern here and there, knit my samples, get them on the models, plug the pictures into the pattern and release it.  Simple enough, yet here I am… MONTHS later and there’s still no release. 

I did make a big step toward the pattern release:  I bought the DPNs.  Now I need to cast on and knit the damn hat and be done with it!!!!!!!! 

I’ve been distracting myself with my Red Heart Challenge (I’m now knitting two for this challenge!) and quilting. 

I’ve also been following the Gussy Sews blog.  She’s absolutely talented and adorable!  I also have this sinking suspicion that she’s as genuinely nice as she is talented and adorable so I can’t even hate her properly.  There is a point to this little offshoot tid-bit:  She said something on her About page that really spoke to me, not just about Chippewa, but in many different areas.

She said, “…write down [your] goals and work hard at achieving them.”




I can do that.

I will do that.

I will publish Chippewa on June 17th.

Wish me luck.


*edited to say:  I can’t tell you how many times I tried to fix that damn justification on the first two paragraphs but instead, it appeared to be fixed and then pointed and laughed at me as I clicked “PUBLISH” and it reverted to left justification.  Well, wordpress formatting, I present to you: MY SOCIAL FINGER!*

The Cat Diaries

Husband:  Why is Nuli sitting there looking all pissed off?

Me:  Isn’t that the normal look of cats?

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