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Red Heart Challenge

June 22, 2011

The Dania Cardigan is progressing quite nicely!  I really love this pattern because it’s simple, elegant and FAST to knit! 


Some of you may be looking at the back and thinking something like, ‘dumb schmuck.  That thing needs blocking but it’s acrylic.’  To which I say:  ‘Yeah, but I can wash and dry it with the best of ’em.’  That rippling with the increases should loosen significantly and not even need blocking.  But also:  People seem to underestimate the power of a good steaming, even on acrylics. 

Acrylic yarn needs love too! 

So, on to the sweater:  I’m already plotting modifications (of course I am… The girl that can NEVER leave a pattern alone…).  I can see that it would be easy to change it from a circular yoke to a raglan. But, my biggest modification plans are this:

Increase more stitches at the yoke to eliminate the button band and add buttons and button holes right onto the garment.  Knit it in seed stitch in solid red, eliminating stripes and ribbing.  Change the collar to a hood, add a tie and voila, you have yourself a light sweater coat.  I must finish my Pay It Forward projects before I even THINK about casting on another selfish project!



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