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Pigeon Holed and Busy

August 1, 2011

I’m wondering who coined the phrase “Lazy Summer Days”.  I’d like to smack them.  Maybe because I’m busy this summer or out of jealousy that they weren’t.  Either way, a smacking is in order.

I’ve been knitting.  I swear I have.  But I can’t stick with one project.  I seem to be having a severe attack of Knitter’s ADD.  But, here’s a photo journal of my July.

“LionHeart” sweater – (I’ll need testers soon!)

When my mom gave the munchkin one of those Hostess apple pies, she took one bite and refused to eat anymore.  When asked why she said, “It doesn’t taste like mommy’s apple pie.” 

I swear, I didn’t bribe the kid. 



As it would turn out, the winged death beasts are good for more than tormenting me. 

Don’t mind the chicken poop debris on the eggs, they were washed before going in the fridge.

I’ve been test knitting:

This is the Riptides hat by Laura Andersen.  Click the image to be linked to the free pattern on Ravelry.

I’m also testing the Ursula Sweater by HauteKnitDesigns.  Pics to come.

In addition to that, I have three other projects on needles that I don’t have (updated) pics on.  I am currently working on a new design in my Native American inspired series.  This time it is mittens inspired by Santa Clara potter, Margaret Tafoya.

Pigeon Holed

I hope you’re sitting down… …

Sometimes, I get tired of talking about knitting. 



Oh no she di’nt.

It is true. 

Sometimes, I just don’t want to talk about knitting.  And I’ve been in one of those moods that I can’t decide what I even want to knit, let alone talk about it.  So, you might start seeing a little more random crap from me.  I do hate to neglect my blog for as long as I have.

Happy dog days of summer!  Enjoy the heat because the snow is just around the corner.

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