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The Neglectful Bloggess

December 16, 2011

August.  Really?  That was the last time I posted?!  I suck.  And the truth is, I’ve been about as successful with knitting as I have been with blogging.  Correlation?  Me thinks so.  I won’t bore you with my numerous (and I do mean numerous) unfinished and abandoned projects,  not to mention my frogged projects. 

But I’m ready to dive right in to a committment that will challenge and motivate me and that I intend to be successful with (unlike like my plan to craft for 10 people last year…).  I’m going to take a page from Darn. Knit. {Anyway} and Knit 12 in 12. 

If I were smart, and “completion oriented” I would commit to SMALL projects but because I rarely ever finish a sweater (Ok.  Never.  I have always gotten to the point where the knitting is finished and then refused to add buttons or weave in ends and then never wear them…), I want to dive right in to my own 12 Sweaters in 12 Months.  Am I crazy?  Probably.

I’ll be scouring Ravelry and plotting my 12 in 12 and will post them here. 

In other news:  Barbara Bretton’s fourth novel in the Sugar Maple Series, Spells and Stitches was released earlier this month. 

Why am I mentioning this aside from the fact that it is the best Knitting Mystery series ever (no, really!) and I have a signed copy?

Because my short essay, Tangible Heredity, is featured on page 307! 


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