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What The $%#& Was I Thinking?!

January 4, 2012

The tinsel is down,

and the tree is gone. 

My needles are strung

with yarn for a sweater. 

Here I sit wondering,

‘What The $%#& Was I Thinking?!’


12 sweaters in 12 months?!  Can I really do it? 


I’ve been trying to knit a hat with a jumping fish on the side for a month. 

 Let me tell you how many times I’ve frogged and started over*:








Well, you get the point.  This hat is kicking my ass.  A hat.  And I think I can knit 12 in 12?!




One would think that with the progress I’ve made on January’s sweater I would stop fussing, but still.  That old witch-with-a-B, Doubt, is niggling at the back of my mind.  (She and I are not on friendly terms, by the by.)


But still, Doubt aside, I had a good winter break.  Christmas was festive and full of love and happiness.  Case in point:  The gift tag on my brother’s gift from me and mine.

Can you feel the sibling love and respect? 


I got to work on The Paris Sweater and since I started early, I feel obligated to share my pre-January progress.  I knitted 23 inches over the period of about four days and then put it down for other winter break activities like play time with the munchkin and starting to teach my cousin Rachel (of Sweet Emmy Designs) to knit!  (I like making new knitters…), etc…


And then, I received a most unexpected gift once the holidays had wound to a close.


I have three words for you:


Four Straight Hours Of Once Upon A Time


(What?  There’s three words in there somewhere…)


My progress on The Paris sweater went from 23 inches to 37 inches, thanks to four, fabulous, sort-of new to me** episodes of OUAT. 

Knitting + OUAT = Happy, Happy Girl


*Thanks to Google Translate for the various language translations of “five”.


**Stupid Simpsons.  My husband refuses to stop watching the show he’s watched every Sunday for decades so that I can watch my new but beloved show in its entirety each week.***


Double Humph.  HUMPH     HUMPH


*** Of course I see the logic and fairness of it and I don’t complain… Much.


And finally, a non-knitting bit.  As I was getting pictures off the camera for Facebook, I came across one I did not know existed. My sweet hubby climbed up on the table to capture us sleeping on the job as we waited for Santa.  I’m so glad he did.


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