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Hair. Knitting. Bean Burgers. In That Order.

February 3, 2012

I’m obsessed with making my own natural shampoo.

I'm also obsessed with brown apothecary jars too. Also, Chuck Norris t-shirts.

I’ve looked up recipe after recipe.  Last night I tried out a Shampaste recipe.

1 tsp baking soda


1/8 c apple cider vinegar

First you mix the baking soda and water, put it on your scalp and let it sit, then massage your scalp.  Rinse with water then rinse again with watered down vinegar, let it sit for a minute and rinse with water.

Review: All I can say is that my scalp has never felt cleaner.  Truly.  It’s almost as if I can feel my pores breathing with little lungs.  Ok.  Maybe not.  That would be creepy.  But if they had little lungs, they’d be taking huge, gulping breaths – as if they’d been suffocating in chemical sludge (oh.  wait.  they were).  It feels amazing.  Not to mention that my hair feels clean too.  It didn’t feel as sleek last night as it does after a wash and condition with products made of ingredients I can’t pronounce, but feels sleeker today.

The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about is that my hair looks dull and not at all shiny.  Is it because it cleaned off all the residue of the chempoo shampoo and this is what my hair really looks like?  Or did it damage my hair?!  I’m going to try a moisturizing recipe that involves making my own essential oils this weekend.  Let’s hope I don’t burn the house down.

Knitting:  I finished my second sweater and want to make alterations to it before I take pictures. Since I am a month ahead of schedule I’m going to use February to finish the Fish Hat That Is Kicking My Ass (I’ve scrapped again and restarted using the Estonian Inlay method called Roositud), a pair of gloves and hooded cowl for a friend and some sewing. 

Cooking: Before I say anything about what I cooked recently, I feel the urgent need to impress upon you that I know absolutely nothing about cooking.  Except pancakes and “dippy” eggs.  That’s it.  Really.

I came across a recipe for Butter Bean Burgers and knew immediately that I wanted to try it.  So, I promptly went to the grocery store (this is big, you should know) and miraculously found the canned beans on the third aisle I searched (shouldn’t they be with the other beans?!) and much to my dismay, I found not a single can of butter beans.  I did however find cans o’plenty of great northern beans (they’re the same thing, right?) and bee-lined it the check out, trying to not be crushed by one of those Weeled Death Buggys Manned by an Idiot (read: Shopping Cart).

Aside from not using the right kind of beans (I know, I know – clearly they are not the same as butter beans) here’s what I did differently from the recipe. 

  • I divided it into six patties instead of four (at first I thought I wouldn’t have enough to make two, but it surprisingly works out fine)
  • I used a (farm fresh – free range – from my hubs winged death beasts that peck – queens of the roost) egg that was too big so I used fourteen crackers instead of six.  (I know.)
  • I lightly floured the outside before frying for a nice crispy outside.

    Ta Da!

I served it on top of Lime Cilantro Rice (my own concoction) with a dollop of A1 (aka: the nectar of the gods – yeah, it’s that good).  I looooooooved it and gobbled it up.  The hubs thought it tasted like a salmon patty but thought it was better with homemade honey mustard (to which I say PASHAW! Nothing beats A1.  NOTHING!) and still thinks it needs tweaked.

He was obviously not as impressed with the idea that I actually cooked as I was.  That alone was better than BBQ chips with Jalapano Cheddar Cheese Dip cheesecake.  No joke.

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  1. February 16, 2012 9:32 pm

    what a wonderful idea – butter bean burgers. I’ll have to Google the recipe. :0) Butter beans are southern I think. We can get them in GA. I have this can that has been calling for a while.

    I have a picture of an A1 label that had us laughing for a long time. When the hubs read it to me, I thought he was making it up!

    I make my own laundry soap and dryer sheets, we ditched the homemade dish soap (too conditioned to suds) and I make household cleaners. I squeeze pennies till they scream :0)

    and today, I hit the library for knitting books – I needed ideas. I want to design my own plus size sweater. Just putting this into the Universe makes me antsy. I may end up with a crazy quilt type of thing from lack of large amounts of yarn. lol xxx ooo’s ~Amber

    • VintageDM permalink*
      February 21, 2012 6:10 pm

      I think I linked the recipe somewhere in there. Anyhow, it was super easy and really yummy. Let me know how designing your own sweater goes! Would love to see pics!

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