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1987 Called…

February 22, 2012

I said yesterday that it would depend what was on T.V. as to whether or not I took pictures of The Second Sweater.  Well.  It was The River.  I didn’t take pictures.

Actually, here’s how last night went.  I started watching The River and around 8:38ish I felt my head bob in that sleep stupor way it does when one dozes off without realizing it…  My eyes popped open and I said to the Hubs, “I think I need to go to sleep.”  I vaguely remember him saying, “Good night, I love you.” and the next thing I know it is sometime around 10:30 and I’m still on the couch.  Yeah.  I’m a real party animal.  So.  You get grainy phone shots today.  It’s all I got.

I really like this sweater except the neckline doesn’t lend itself well to layering.  I’ve tried everything underneath this thing and it all looks funky…











So, I resorted to layering over the top… (I don’t like to go to work with naked arms, if you’re wondering on my insistance of layering.)

The result?  Well.  1987 called about an hour after I tried this and said they want their shoulder pads back.  I cried.  Then I wore it all day anyhow.

Final thoughts:  I’m glad I knitted it and will wear it.  But I’m going to add a ribbed neckline to it.  I think that should make it a little easier to layer.  I hope.  I don’t like getting calls from 1987.

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