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West Beach Shrug

August 5, 2010

The ballet shrug I’d started working on for my friend (whose name, plus the colorway inspired this shrug’s name) was scrapped for this pattern.  



I hate the K1, P1 ribbing and so I’ve made an edging sampler for her to choose from Seed Stitch, Garter Stitch, K2, P1 Ribbing or K2 P2 Ribbing.  We’re also going to scrap the picot edging on the sleeves and the sleeves in general.  I’ll be replacing them with cute cap sleeves with a matching edging. 

We went yesterday to Jo-Ann’s only to discover the most wonderful new Deborah Norville yarn.  It’s an anti-pill acrylic that’s as soft as bamboo.  The colorway is called Beach and it’s this wonderful blend of blue, silver, brown and cream.  We bought out all of their first shipment of this colorway.  😀 





You can see the original ribbing in this picture but I’ve already ripped it out to start over later this evening.  The morning sunlight actually mutes the colors and hides the sheen of the yarn.  I’ll work for a better picture for my next update.

**update** Seed stitch it is.

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